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What Is Voice Search And Why It Will Change SEO

Voice search is redefining SEO – 20% of all searches are voice-based according to Google. Being an avid writer, I always assumed that voice search was pretty useless since you can get the same functionality from a search just by typing. Plus, you don’t have to waste your energy forming words and holding the phone […]

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A Cheat Sheet Guide For Onsite SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), many people get so caught up in link building that they overlook the importance of the many onsite factors that can impact their website’s rankings. There is more to onsite SEO than creating content, using your keyword in the title tag, and hoping for the best. If […]

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How To Repurpose Your Marketing Content to Maximize ROI

The world of branding loves its buzzwords. Chances are, if you Google anything involving “marketing,” “brand,” or even “content” right now, a laundry list of tips and tricks would appear – leaving those that have no clue what these acronyms mean more lost than when they started. a But, what if I told you that […]

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